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“In my personal and professional life I have a new sense of well being and I show up differently. I’ve had successes in those areas that I don’t think were possible before I met and worked with MarBeth. I also have a new confidence in myself.”   ~ Mary Jane Bradbury

I came to MarBeth after I had just lost my mother and my job in the same week. I was terrified that I would be unable to find work or to support myself. I do not worry about this any more. I am able to see the positive in life and not the negative. I feel in control of my universe. I also feel an inner calm that I have not ever experienced before.”   ~ Josi Hausner, Sales Representative, New York  

MarBeth is a remarkable empath, and a profound teacher who gently helped me to see what needed healing, provided the healing and then taught me invaluable tools for my soul’s evolutionary journey.  She helped me gain the real wisdom, the clarity to change my life.”   ~ Karen E., San Francisco

MarBeth Dunn has been featured on television networks across the US including FOX, NBC, CBS and the CW. She is an intuitive Energy Management, mindet, success, and happiness mentor who guides smart, divorced women to find their power so they can transition from pain to happiness. MarBeth has developed a Miracle Breakthrough Technology that can accurately pinpoint the hidden issues holding you back from your greatest successes.